Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Molly is a recent graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, receiving a Master of Arts with First Class Honours.

Molly Kent is a textile artist concerned with representing notions of mental and physical health through mediums such as rug tufting and weaving. She portrays contemporary existence regarding social-media and internet living and the effects this has on our perception of self. This stems from her personal experiences of her mental health condition CPTSD, but also reflects on wider anxieties and fears that have come to attention as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Her series 'Doubt in the Digital Age' which is ongoing aims to create pieces that intend to overwhelm the senses, mirroring the feeling of doubt, through the juxtaposition of colour, phrases and form. Taking the domestic form of the rug and shifting it in presentation, the objects she makes climb walls, morphing before us resembling viral/bacterial forms. This plays on the idea that doubt can be perceived as a disease that, over time, shifts and morphs to continue its hold over us.​​​​​​​
Molly is an internationally exhibited artist having contributed to exhibitions such as WORD OF MOUTH at the Venice Biennale 2019, then toured to Australia, as well as various exhibitions across Scotland and the UK.
Her work is also held in public and private collections worldwide. Including work being held by the University of Edinburgh's Art Collection, the National Museum of Australia amongst others.

Represented by newcube, for enquiries: info@newcube.art
Direct enquiries: mollyhkent@gmail.com