2018/19 saw my practice move into a new visual story telling method – moving away from simple representations of phrases and text and progressively towards evoking an immersive physical experience of what doubt feels like. Moving away from digital media in the form of merchandise and publicity, I have developed a style that meshes together a digital starting point into a traditional printed outcome through methods such as Risograph. Through experimentation with animations, data bending, and pushing the use and application of Risograph printing, I have gained skills that will aid in the creation of full spatial installations like those of Jeroen Koojimans and Ciara Phillips that prompt the viewer to physically and emotively experience the challenging thoughts of doubt that society is built on.
I have taken inspiration from multiple sources, including contemporary graphic design and aesthetical trends to inform the choice of colour and format behind my work. This includes the growing number of artists making use of data bending to create visually unnerving and chaotic images, like Mathieu St-Pierre and Ted Davis. Alongside the work of street artists, primarily paste up artists such as JR, where the inspiration for the pasted-up wallpaper elements has been drawn. Ciara Phillip’s use of traditional printmaking to create full visual experiences through applications of wallpaper, framed prints and more sculptural elements has inspired me to branch out the way in which I work. Moving forwards I believe continuing to embrace the more abstract envisioning of doubt and assimilating this into a physical format is both important and beneficial to my practice, however, through the work of Sofia Clausse, I would also like to splice in some segments and fragments of text that are still legible enough to be read, and add further intent and meaning to the abstracted printmaking. My work continues to recycle and reuse older elements of my practice and brings together previously separate veins of image making to create an immersive environment which enables me to work across mediums with a cohesive vision in mind.
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